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Good Advice For Adult Gymnasts from 27-year-old Gymnastics Stunt Woman and Olympic Medalist Tasha Schwikert

9 Jul

Recent USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame inductee, Tasha had this to say when the Gymnastics Examiner asked her about keeping in shape for her stunt work on Make It Or Break It. “I’m still pretty good on bars,” said Schwikert, who these days works for Wasserman Media Group, a sports marketing firm based in L.A. […]

31-Year-Old, 3x Olympic Trampoline Medalist Karen Cockburn’s Strength Workout For London

15 May

Karen Cockburn Soaring High Book Cover

  Cockburn has medaled in three consecutive Olympics in Trampoline. Basically, she’s a major, mega bad ass. Her discussion of training in Sunday’s The Globe And Mail article¬†caught our eye not just because of the her age but because of her discussion of the science behind her training. Outside of her trampoline workouts she does […]

Adult Class Conditioning – watch what the class at Capital does

28 Mar

Great ideas here! Love that they have a coach who will spot everyone on conditioning exercises. ¬†Thank you for the video Gymnastike! Upper Body & Core Exercises Rope Climb Pull-ups in pike hold Handstand pushup-dips on pbars Planche levers with spot Straddle press handstands on pbars Pike press handstands from L-sit on pbars Pike headstand-pushups […]