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Veteran Gymnasts in Their 20’s and 30’s Now Outnumber Teenagers Competing at the Olympic Games

27 Jul

Update: In the FIG’s September 2012 newsletter their Post-Olympic Report confirmed our findings. Read it HERE.  Note that our age groups start with 15-19.  We are proud to present the numerical proof to back up our theory: adults* have indeed taken back the sport! (see original theory here  Killing Age Stereotypes: 40 Adult Gymnasts to Follow to […]

“I’m showing the younger generation your career doesn’t have to be over when you’re 16-years-old” -Nastia

16 May

Nastia Liukin

Love what  22 year-old Nastia has to say in this article!  Golden Girl Liukin Savoring Grind of Late London Bid “I’m excited to be where I’m at,to be able to do gymnastics again. I’ve missed being able to flip in the air, flip on the beam and swing on the bars.” Despite the intensity and toil involved […]

Vasiliki Millousi 27 year-old 2x Greek Olympian

27 Mar

Vasiliki Millousi

If you follow elite gymnastics, you have no doubt noticed Vasiliki.  The blonde, olive skinned Greek gets attention for her  looks and outstanding results. She just won beam at Cottbus last weekend (video below), took  first at the London Test Event on beam and has a mega social media platform to gather support as she prepares for […]