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U of Agers Documentary

29 Mar

Sounds like Jenni Pinches’s DFTBA predecessors appear in this video. LOVE IT!! “This short documentary features a group of seniors called the “U of Agers” who meet twice a week at the University of Alberta to do gymnastics. The U of Agers are just “ordinary” people trying to do “extraordinary” things and confirm that if […]

65 Year-Old Gymnast Recovers from Scoliosis Without Surgery

20 Mar

I love to hear about recoveries that don’t require surgery. Of course, surgery is necessary at times but if the same result can be achieved without it? I say go for it.  I torn the labrum in my hip and was able to get all of my gymnastics skills back with the help of a forward thinking physical therapist […]

British woman, 80, becomes martial-arts action hero

14 Mar

  Awwww, are you feelings like workouts are too hard for you at age 20, 30, 40? SUCK IT UP and read this! Kay D’Arcy spent decades as a nurse, midwife and mother before jumping into Hollywood. Now she stars as an acrobatic assassin in the Web series ‘Agent 88,‘ doing many of her own […]