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Adult Gymnastics in Brazil – help a sista’ out!

7 Mar

Just read this sad tale from Mariana, a contributor for The Couch Gymnast. The gym where her adult gymnastics class was held closed down. She’s has had a terrible time finding an affordable new gym to train in. The clubs either require hefty membership dues or charge outrageous per-hour fees.  There are a couple of helpful comments below the […]

Gymnastike Interviews Dominique Dawes About Adult Gymnastics

22 May

Our buddy Marina over on Gymnastike’s Adult Gymnastics channel interviewed Dawes about the response to her 2011 story for Yahoo! Weekend on adult gymnastics and her personal views.  Her take on it is really fascinating and honestly, a little shocking.  What do you think? Leave comments below. No wonder she is in such good shape […]

Adult Gymnastics In Ireland

19 May

Adult Gymnastics is Brilliant Fun

Marvelous slideshow from Renmore Gymnastics in Galway Ireland. They have adult gymnastics classes for two hours on Wednesday nights. Details here. Remember to check our class page for a list of classes in the US and abroad. Found this via the fabulous site.