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31-Year-Old, 3x Olympic Trampoline Medalist Karen Cockburn’s Strength Workout For London

15 May

Trampolinist Karen Cockburn

Trampolinist Karen Cockburn, a three-time Olympic medallist, works out at her training facility in Richmond Hill, Ont Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail


Cockburn has medaled in three consecutive Olympics in Trampoline. Basically, she’s a major, mega bad ass. Her discussion of training in Sunday’s The Globe And Mail article caught our eye not just because of the her age but because of her discussion of the science behind her training.

Outside of her trampoline workouts she does “…short sprints on the bike, and weight training. I focus on lower body for power to weight ratio. Now I’m in a force phase, so I’m lifting heavy weights. Yesterday I squatted 305 pounds – I weigh 120 pounds. You need strong legs to get height on the trampoline because we’re going up to 18 feet in the air. I’m judged on three elements out of 10: form, difficulty and then “flight time,” so power-to-body-weight ratio is important to get height. I do ballet once a week to help with form and posture and hot yoga twice a week to stretch me out and de-stress; I like the sweat and the heat.”  Read the full article here.

Her 2011 prelim routine at the Birmingham WC.

Learn more about her in her book, Soaring High.

Karen Cockburn Book Cover



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