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82-Year-Old Gymnast Ron Rodger says “You’re a Gymnast All Your Life” – Check Out His Moves

14 May

82-year-old Ron Rodger still practices gymnastics twice a week

Great story in the Daily Mail about 82-year-old British gymnast, Ron Rodger. He started gymnastics in his 20’s then became a three-time British Veteran Champion (equivalent of masters) until retiring from competitions in his early 70’s.

“I suppose it’s quite unusual for someone of my age. I’m not as good as I was in my prime when I was 75, but as long as I can still do it I will carry on,” says Ron. “‘I was once made an honorary member of a German gymnastic club and given a certificate that read ‘You’re a gymnast all your life’, and that’s been in my mind all of my life.”

Check out the photos of the exhibition he did for friends and family on his 82nd birthday on the Daily Mail site. Read more here.

Rod Rodger on parallel bars

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  1. Leah Crease September 14, 2015 at 10:23 am #

    Hello, I just wanted to enquire if you knew or had any contact details for Ron Rodgers or any up to date info on him if he is still alive. I would love to speak to his about working with us on a documentary.
    Any help would be great.

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