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Adult Class Conditioning – watch what the class at Capital does

28 Mar

Great ideas here! Love that they have a coach who will spot everyone on conditioning exercises.  Thank you for the video Gymnastike!

Upper Body & Core Exercises

Rope Climb

Pull-ups in pike hold

Handstand pushup-dips on pbars

Planche levers with spot

Straddle press handstands on pbars

Pike press handstands from L-sit on pbars

Pike headstand-pushups with feet on spotting block


Chest pull-ups under pbars with feet on bars

Clapping pushups

Lower Body Exercises

Single leg roll-and-jumps off of panel mat

Single leg side to side jumps, moving forward backwards back and forth over a line on the floor

Single leg step-ups with jump onto high mats

Single leg squats (using beam for assistance)

Ankle raises on beam

Toe raises on beam

Sitting foam block squeezes (adduction)

 Anerobic Sets

Sprints across diagonal pushing spotting blocks with jump forward roll over the block at each corner

Sprint sets with each of following in-between onto a panel mat – clapping push-ups on, roll and jump and rebounding jumps


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