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Adult Gymnasts in Olympic Commercials

29 Jul

I post this type of story because I find it inspiring. If Steve McCain can still do basic elite skills at 38, then maybe we can still do our basic Class III or Level 6 skills at the same age.  What do you think, do you feel inspired by these two?

Kiralee Hayashi, she was a national champion at UCLA. At 34,  she’s a successful actress and stunt performer. She’s been in everything from Twilight to Cosmo to this gorgeous Fruit of the Loom commercial. I could watch this all day and I’m 99% sure it’s her (leave a comment if I’m wrong).


Damn, he looks exactly the same! McCain (38), was on the 2000 team in Sydney and an alterante for the 2004 team. He’s had a successful stunt and acting career. I swear he was in one of the Spiderman movies too. Anyone else remember that?


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