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Good Advice For Adult Gymnasts from 27-year-old Gymnastics Stunt Woman and Olympic Medalist Tasha Schwikert

9 Jul

Recent USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame inductee, Tasha had this to say when the Gymnastics Examiner asked her about keeping in shape for her stunt work on Make It Or Break It.

“I’m still pretty good on bars,” said Schwikert, who these days works for Wasserman Media Group, a sports marketing firm based in L.A. “I can still do a Tkacthev, Pak saltos, double back dismounts, maybe a double layout. On floor, double pike, maybe a double full.” If she has an event or appearance coming up, Schwikert says be in the gym a couple weeks beforehand, working on her strength.

Gymnastics for me at this point is really about strength,” she said. “If I have the strength to do the skills, I’ll be able to do them, because in my mind, my body knows how to do them, it’s if I’m strong enough to do them.”

Her point is so important. Muscle memory is an amazing thing. We have seen people perform high-level skills on their first day back to gymnastics after twenty-plus away from the sport. We’ve also seen people perform high-level skills on their first day back who seriously injured themselves. The difference between the two was strength. Always start with basics and progressive drills to test your strength. And finally, keep doing your conditioning!

Read the full article “Catching Up With Tasha Schwikert” here.

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