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13 Jan

ADULT GYMNASTICS TRAINING CAMP! Portsmouth NH–Summer 2015 Fri. July 17- Sun. July 19, ¬†2015 Pre-register using the form below! THE FIRST ADULT-ONLY GYMNASTICS CAMP! Come to a 3-day camp where competitive and recreational adult gymnasts of all levels can learn at their own pace alongside our internationally recognized staff! Although we are still in the […]

Forget the leotard! Goodbye treadmill!

12 Jan

Adult gymnastics is for everyone! If you’ve ever tentative about doing adult gymnastics, this is for you. Forget the leotard, goodbye treatmill! We love you British Gymnastics. Sure wish USA Gymnastics would follow suit…

Adult Class Conditioning – watch what the class at Capital does

28 Mar

Great ideas here! Love that they have a coach who will spot everyone on conditioning exercises. ¬†Thank you for the video Gymnastike! Upper Body & Core Exercises Rope Climb Pull-ups in pike hold Handstand pushup-dips on pbars Planche levers with spot Straddle press handstands on pbars Pike press handstands from L-sit on pbars Pike headstand-pushups […]