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Ellen vs. Michelle Obama Push-up Contest: Who had better form?

3 Feb

These two could totally do gymnastics! Ellen is 54 and Michelle is 48. I have to point out that while Michelle has better endurance, Ellen is clearly stronger. She has better form in addition to executing each push-up at almost horizontal. And we all know that good form = better strength.

Montage Video – Fifteen Years of Masters Gymnastics Meets

30 Sep

This is great inspiration and it shows camaraderie, bloopers, cool skills, two-at-a-time routines and all the fun stuff that you don’t see at regular gymnastics meets. This is what first-time competitors need to see. It demonstrates all the ways in which masters meets are all about good times and different from regular meets. The emphasis is […]

Another reason to love Masters Meets, shenanigans like these…

26 Sep

Men doing Beam with made up skills, tag-team Floor routines, all the fun stuff that we weren’t allowed to do in the Class or Level competitions of our youth. Shenanigans are what make masters gymnastics meets so much fun! [youtube=] [youtube=] Many thanks to Drills & Skills for the first link.