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British woman, 80, becomes martial-arts action hero

14 Mar

  Awwww, are you feelings like workouts are too hard for you at age 20, 30, 40? SUCK IT UP and read this! Kay D’Arcy spent decades as a nurse, midwife and mother before jumping into Hollywood. Now she stars as an acrobatic assassin in the Web series ‘Agent 88,‘ doing many of her own […]

Dentist Returns to Her Gymnastics Roots

1 Mar

Though it has one major factual error [Ummm, hello DentistryIQ, there totally are adult gymnastics meets! Time to fire the fact-checkers! *sarcasm* NOT!] this is a fun profile about Desiree Walker, a 33-year-old dentist from North Carolina. For her New Year’s resolution, she vowed to return to competitive gymnastics again. She has a great little  YouTube Channel chronicling her progress.