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At 35 Sandra Poelzer is back

19 Jan

  Sandra Poelzer  is 35,  has 3 children and  last competed trampoline  in 2003. Welcome back Sandra!  Watch the video here : 3 Sandra Poelzer. via (Trampoline Pundit)

How to Coach a Very Nervous Adult On Trampoline

31 May

This question recently landed in our inbox, “How do I coach a very nervous adult on trampoline.” I have coached many levels, but trampoline is not my forte. I came up in the age where trampoline had gotten a bad wrap and wasn’t really taught anymore. We had one for drills but we never learned […]

31-Year-Old, 3x Olympic Trampoline Medalist Karen Cockburn’s Strength Workout For London

15 May

Karen Cockburn Soaring High Book Cover

  Cockburn has medaled in three consecutive Olympics in Trampoline. Basically, she’s a major, mega bad ass. Her discussion of training in Sunday’s The Globe And Mail article caught our eye not just because of the her age but because of her discussion of the science behind her training. Outside of her trampoline workouts she does […]